Lake Nipigon Water Walk 2012

Posted for Nokomis Josephine Mandamin, Mother Earth Water Walker

April 24, 2012, at Rocky Bay, the water will be lifted after the Offerings are made to the sacred waters. This will be approximately at 8 am, although the morning Tobacco and Pipe Offering will have been made prior to the lifting of the water.  We will then proceed on Hwy 11 towards Nipigon, Ontario.

Over the past year we have honored the sacred waters of Lake Nipigon with three offerings: the first was in the summer at the mouth of Lake Superior where the Nipigon River flows, then over the winter a big Bundle Offering was presented to the Spirits, and then this winter (new year), another bundle was offered to the ice water at Rocky Bay. On April 24th will be the fourth offering.

Those that want to join us are asked to bring good and happy energy. Not everyone will be able to carry the water and staff all the way through because of the shortage of boats. We do not have extra skirts so women are asked to wear/bring their own skirts.

Contact will be through or website or email for now:

More information will be shared as we receive more.


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