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“No Running Water”, Winnipeg Free Press

Wednesday, November 17th, 2010

A special investigation by asst. city editor Helen Fallding and photojournalist Joe Bryksa, partially funded by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research.

Please go to this link and…

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  2. read the numerous articles
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This is an incredibly informative body of work exposing 3rd world conditions in Canada.

Our elders, babies, neighbours, should not be living without safe water and sanitation.

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Helen Fallding: “Encourage your church or favourite charity to consider raising money for emergency supplies to help northern communities reduce health risks while they wait for government funding of expensive new water infrastructure. Free soap, towels, rainwater tanks and water containers with spigots would be a godsend in Island Lake communities where people are so poor soap has been stolen from school washrooms and water buckets from the delivery program for elders. Perhaps Porta-Potties could be set up for those without decent outhouses.”

Note to readers: If you find a charity willing to help improve water and sanitation on First Nations, email so we can write a story alerting other readers who want to help.