Turtle Island Water Walk 2011

Received this information from Nokomis Josephine Mandamin, Mother Earth Water Walker this morning. More information will come… stay tuned. :)

From:            Josephine Mandamin

Date: September 19, 2010

Subject: Water walk 2011 – Turtle Island

Nibi Onji, nibi onjih….that’s what it’s all about.  Raising a collective consciousness to the general population will be the challenge. Youth will be called upon to take on this challenge. While carrying the pail of ocean water, great sacrifices will be made by Walkers.  That information of the walk will be shared along the way as: ‘Walking the Talk’, to as many people as can be reached.

The Spirit of the Water must be forever in the minds of the Walkers because the challenge will be great and cautious about not being overwhelmed by the task. Guides/Leaders will be called upon to form a Waterwalk Family with the Walkers.   Media/Communications people will also have to be identified for each group. Sponsorship identifications will have to be the responsibility of each group. Funding will have to be the groups’ responsibility.

Equipment such as cell phones, camera, radio phones, blackberry(s), and vehicles will have to be rented for the period of two months or so.  The timing has to be closely synchronized so as to complete the Waterwalk at the same time at the destination.

The importance of information we want to convey is paramount. This information about pending global awakening and peace to the living and to the future is the message. We cannot dwell on the negative. We must, at all times, speak of hope and bring about the message of caring for our environment.  The water songs have to be sung continually and tobacco offered at each water siting.

We have heard many ideas so far. These ideas can be developed in a proposal in the community who is identified as the Main Carriers of the Water.  A map has gone out to all contacts and a message also about a central contact list has been asked for by Rainey Gaywish.

It is hoped that the Waterwalk will begin at Easter Break 2011. Someone will chart out the miles and gauge the time it will take to complete the Walk.

More later…Me i ewe, nin beedawsigay

“Ni guh Izhi chigay  Nibi onji” -  Keep saying this! Meaning: “I will do it for the water”.