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Water Walk 2011

Monday, January 31st, 2011

NORTH SCHEDULE, subject to change (Updated January 31, 2011)

May 21         Churchill, Manitoba send off. (train departs 7:30pm)

May 23         Winnipeg, Manitoba (trains arrives 4:45pm)

May 24         Richer, Manitoba

May 25         Hadashville, Manitoba

May 26         Falcon Lake,

May 27         Royal Lake

May 28         Kenora, Ontario

May 29         Sioux Narrows

May 30         Nestor Falls

June 1          Manitou Rapids, International Falls

June 7          Duluth, Minnesota

June 10        Bad River, Wisconsin

20 overnights

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Facebook: Water Walk 2011

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WATER WALK 2011, Walkers from the NORTH Tentative Schedule

Wednesday, January 19th, 2011

May 25       Churchill, Manitoba send off.
May 28       Winnipeg, Manitoba
June 1         Emerson, Manitoba
June 3         Grand Forks, Minnesota
June 4         Crookston, Minnesota
June 6         Bemidji, Minnesota
June 8         Grand Rapids, Minnesota
June 10       Duluth, Minnesota
June 13       Bad River, Wisconsin

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Facebook group: Water Walk 2011

Ni guh Izhi chigay  Nibi onji   –   I will do it for the water.

WATER WALK 2011, Walkers from the East, Tentative Schedule

Monday, January 17th, 2011

Leaving Machias, Maine
May 7 Bangor, Maine
May 8 Skowhegan, Maine
May 9-10 Armstrong, Quebec
May 11 Vallee Jonction
May 12 Levis, Quebec
May 13 Victoriaville, Quebec
May 14 Drummondville, Quebec
May 15 Longueuil, Quebec
May 16 Montreal, Quebec
May 17,18 Cornwall, Ontario
May 19, 20 Ottawa, Ontario
May 21 Pembroke, Ontario
May 22 Deep River, Ontario
May 23 Stonecliffe, Ontario
May 24 Mattawa, Ontario
May 25 North Bay, Ontario
May 26, 27 Sudbury, Ontario
May 28 McKerrow, Ontario
May 29 Serpent River, Ontario
May 30 Thessalon, Ontario
May 31, June 1 Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario
June 2, 3 Newberry, Michigan
June 4, 5 Munising, Michigan
June 6, 7 Marquette, Michigan
June 8 Ishpeming, Michigan
June 9 Ironwood, Michigan
June 10 Bad River, Wisconsin

35 days to Meeting Place

For more information:

Facebook group: Water Walk 2011

Water Walk 2011 update from Josephine Mandamin

Friday, January 14th, 2011

Waterwalk 2011… update from Josephine Mandamin

Much has happened since word went out over the holidays about the 2011 Waterwalk . Nothing can happen until volunteers come forward and they have. The successful carrying of the ocean water from the 4 cardinal points will be a reality once it is mingled on June 12, 2011 with Gichiogimaagumee or Lake Superior as it is called.

Fond memories come back of past waterwalks where people so generously came to help out in whatever way they could. Food and water/juices would be brought to us, someone would have a place for us to stay for the night and church people opened their doors to give us a place to cook and sleep, community centers made cots for us to rest, or money would be received from collections made by youth, and someone would come by and tell us to gas up at the gas station and fill up our vehicles. Helping hands came and rubbed us down when our bones and feet were weary. Kindness helps move the water easily.

This spring will be quite the same in terms of asking youth to be more active in carrying the water to the destination in Bad River, Wisconsin to the end of Madigan Road. The Aunties, Uncles and Grandmothers will assist in the Spirit of the Water. Knowing them, they will not be stopped from carrying the water. The North has no roads so the water will travel by train for some distance. The West group will use horses for some distance, the South will utilize runners for some distance and the East will use New Balance. It is still early for proposals to go out for financial assistance as much hardware will be required by all groups; such as van rentals, cell phone compatibility, cameras, and brochure/printing to name a few.

A Central Communications Post has been graciously offered to us from Shingwauk University wherein a space is used for computer work. This will be under the careful wings of Joanne Robertson at:

We now have a central account for donations.
Donation account – Bank of Montreal, Transit #00507,
Account #8996-769
More update will follow as we proceed. Me i ewe, Miigwech.